A la découverte de Hommage Jacques Perrin

« To follow your own ideas, sometimes regardless of those of others, is to affirm your identity, at the risk of perhaps being misunderstood – at least for a while. »

Jacques Perrin

Affirming your uniqueness and standing up for your ideas really is a way of life. By defining new frontiers, as other great pioneers did, Jacques Perrin has earned his place in the history of great wines. It is in this spirit that “Hommage à Jacques Perrin”, a unique, authentic wine was created. Behind its out of the ordinary and exclusive character lie the secrets of a wine with a purpose, a bearer of truth. It carries naturally within itself its roots, the memory of its place of origin, without reserve. A truly uncompromising wine, a wine of conviction and character that makes no concessions.

« A fine wine must be the purest possible expression of the Origin of Taste. »

Jacques Perrin

Throughout his life, Jacques Perrin strived to attain the most perfect harmony between the soil, the climate and the vine. It was the search for the most fusional approach possible, to get as close as possible to the origin of taste, the purest and most authentic taste, in its most natural expression. A search not centred on the original taste of wine but on the origin, the veracity of taste itself – a universal and timeless approach as to what the taste of a great wine should be. In the manner the earth is tilled, in the passion exercised each day in the vineyard and in the cellar to be as close as possible to the verity of the terroir, Jacques Perrin always sought to reveal the original purity of wine. The identity of this wine is that of the origin of its terroir (in the sense of the association of grape varieties, the soil, the natural environment and those involved), in its purest, most authentic and natural form. It can only exist in ideal conditions, that allow the truth of its origins, at the source of taste, to be revealed.

« Dare to fly in the face of fashion and the customs of your time ! »

Jacques Perrin

At the head of the family estate until 1978, Jacques Perrin was a key figure in the development of Château de Beaucastel wines.

This visionary was the first to move to organic farming in the sixties and then to adopt biodynamic methods in 1974, counter to the trend at the time, and sometimes faced with the incomprehension of his peers. He was firmly convinced that respecting the nature of the terroir was the right way to go.

As a pioneer, he instigated Châteauneuf-du-Pape’s return to authenticity by focussing on Mourvèdre, an ancient grape variety of the region which had fallen out of favour because of the difficulties in cultivating it. Mourvèdre is the dominant grape in “Hommage à Jacques Perrin” and is its principal taste signature.

With his flair for exploration, he also rehabilitated the forgotten northern regions of the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation. Passionate about the earth and the influence of place and orientation, Jacques Perrin was able to regenerate terroirs that are today real treasures. It is on these soils that the old vines used to make “Hommage à Jacques Perrin” flourish.

«Its incredible freshness makes it an exception »

Famille Perrin

Dominated by Mourvèdre, the traditional Châteauneuf-du-Pape grape variety rehabilitated by Jacques Perrin, it is a wine of extraordinary concentration. It has great aromatic complexity – dark fruits, spices and leather…and its tannins are fine, noble and elegant. It is of great purity,- each of its vintages matures slowly and evolves with complexity thanks to their impressive cellaring potential.

It is a true Châteauneuf-du-Pape, but an interpretation of it, one that reflects a particular vision. Made with the greatest respect for the terroir from which it springs.

A remarkable terroir of very old vines, tended in the most natural way possible, according to biodynamic principles so dear to Jacques Perrin.

« This wine is the progeny of a history, family, culture and secrets passed down through five generations of winegrowers.  »

Famille Perrin

Famille Perrin is currently run by the fifth generation of the family.

«One of the greatest contributions Jacques Perrin made was his decision to move towards organic and biodynamic agriculture at a time when most other estates were using pesticides. He chose the opposite route because his intuition told him that using pesticides was not a good thing. And he was right. He was a visionary. Did he know he was right? He just did things in the way that seemed best to him and it turned out he was right – 20 or 30 years before everyone else.”»

Famille Perrin

« A great wine is emotion and civilisation; a legend that lasts beyond time. »

Jacques Perrin

2015 Vintage THE SUBLIME

2015 stands out because of the exceptional conditions which reached perfection in the “Hommage à Jacques Perrin” terroir. Concentrated, pure and powerful, this wine has superbly rich tannins and remarkable fruit. It is quite simply sublime. (December 2017)

2010 Vintage THE SERENE

2010 is a well-balanced vintage blessed with a fine tannic structure, perfect acidity and a superb concentration of fruit. All the advantages of harmony. (December 2017)


This 2005 vintage is already more than 10 years old and is showing itself to be full of spirit and youth. Radiant and powerful with good tannins and a spicy fruitiness. The beauty of youth. (December 2017)


2000 has the complexity of a wine that has already attained excellent maturity. Very rich, powerful and concentrated, it develops complex notes of spices, ripe fruit and leather with well-marked tannins and fine acidity. The pleasure of a wine that reveals itself gradually, all in complexity. (December 2017)


1995 is a full-bodied, voluptuous and powerful wine. Vibrant, it develops vigorous tannins, a delicate acidity and peppery notes. The energy and power of a wine proud of its earthly origins. (December 2017)

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